The fresh new correlation data presented a media organization ranging from HPV infection and you may particular physiological, sociodemographic, sexual and you can reproductive health details

The fresh new correlation data presented a media organization ranging from HPV infection and you may particular physiological, sociodemographic, sexual and you can reproductive health details

New try inhabitants had the average quantity of education into the HPV off 13.6 +/? dos.0 (95% CI thirteen.2–thirteen.9) into a scale out of 20. There have been tall differences in degree according to the amount of training (You = 425.5; p = 0.004). Background education towards HPV are higher for the category with high school-college degree compared to basic-zero training. No variations in degree had been discovered because of many years (You = 1442.0; p = 0.150) or marital condition (U = 1450.0; p = 0.122).

The latest volume of issues based on HPV filters is shown for the Contour 2A. Of your own overall decide to try people, 65.0% had been identified as HPV self-confident with 44.1% of your own inhabitants identified becoming contaminated with a high-exposure HPV. To the number of patients having HPV, 75.6% out-of infections corresponded so you can a high-exposure genotype and you can 74.3% of your own people were known getting coinfections which have numerous HPV stresses (forty eight.3% from overall sample inhabitants). Certain coinfected women presented as much as 8 different genotypes.

The remaining details provided: age at which the newest new member turned sexually energetic (X 2 = 3,234; p = 0

Figure dos. (A) Regularity analysis out-of HPV disease in females considering amount of exposure, Cuenca, Ecuador; 2019. n=120 lr (lowest exposure)-HPV 6, 11, 42, 43, 49, 81 (CP8304). ir (undetermined chance)-HPV 26, 34, forty, 54, 55, 57, 61, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 82, 83, 84. time (risky)-HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 53, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68. (B) Volume study out-of HPV illness in females according to many years; Cuenca, Ecuador; 2019. n=120. (C) Volume research from hr HPV genotypes in females; Cuenca, Ecuador; 2019. n=120.

Although the categories of women old 56–65 and you will 30–45 years old had increased proportion regarding HPV infection (Contour 2B), the fresh new Z decide to try assessment having proportion are unable to expose tall differences between age groups (p > 0.050). There's zero organization between age groups and HPV problems (X dos = dos.746; p = 0.432).

The latest regularity delivery of your hrHPV challenges was shown inside Figure 2C. The most common genotype was hrHPV 18, followed by genotypes 52, 66, 35, and you can 51 (X 2 = 7.234; p = 0.041). HPV 16 had a minimal volume out-of infection from the class read.

step 3.2. Acting off HPV issues

Dining table 2. HPV disease according to Parity, Smoke application, Quantity of sexual partners, Birth prevention and you can Immunosuppression symptoms in females from Cuenca Ecuador, 2019.

While full no organization try receive ranging from HPV problems and condom fool around with, whenever bookkeeping to own marital standing, users have been single or perhaps in common-law unions, condom explore is for the straight down infectivity (Fisher's X dos = 5.852; p = 0.026; V Cramer = ? 0.293; p = 0.016). Having partnered women, that it relationship wasn't located (X dos = 1.231; p = 0.412).

357), information about HPV (X 2 = 0.261; p = 0.610), gynecological medical care (X 2 = 0.141; p = 0.708), place of house (X 2 = 0.369; p = 0.562), degree height (X dos = 0.188; p = 0.664), alcohol consumption (X 2 = 0.669; p = 0.413), a long time (X dos = dos.033; p = 0.362), past STIs (X 2 = 1.553; p = 0.276), frequency out-of sexual intercourse (X dos = 0.701; p = 0.441), and you will marital reputation (X dos = step one.528; p = 0.250). These were not with the HPV problems from the shot analyzed.

Digital logistic regression verified a connection anywhere between parity, immunosuppression symptoms, the means to access seksi kadД±nlar r1a oral contraceptives/IUDs, and you can confident HPV infection. The remainder details was indeed excluded due to their reduced mathematical importance (p > 0.050) or reduced predictive power which have a non-significant Or. Zero confounding otherwise interaction variables was in fact discover. The advantages of your model obtained of the digital logistic regression try revealed inside the Dining table 3.