Konoha Shinden: Vapor Ninja Scrolls [ ]

Konoha Shinden: Vapor Ninja Scrolls [ ]

Typically, Tenten's passion out-of get together all sorts out-of ninja equipment away from all over the world escalated to the stage she exposed a shop in order to promote the various tools, even though it is often empty as a result of the peaceful day and age. Involving the products, the latest Enjoyed Gadgets was basically exhibited in the shop with indicative having said that "not on the market".

Head blogs: Konoha Shinden (novel) and you will Konoha Shinden (anime) Note : Regarding anime, the brand new situations on the arch occur following the Jugo Arch. When term attained Konoha you to definitely Mirai Sarutobi had not packaged adequate ninja products for her escort purpose during the Yugakure, Tenten are assigned which have taking additional luggage to your kunoichi. Whenever she comes two days afterwards, Tenten hands over the various tools and you may chose to do the big date off to take advantage of the regional scorching springs with Mirai. Inside the stand, this new was basically discusses a beneficial ghost haunting new inn. Hopeless in the concept of spirits, she made a decision to assist take a look at the. She even chose to tease People on the their apparent concern about ghosts. Sooner, they learned it absolutely was a young orphan called Tatsumi, just who even with no cash, are computed to visit the hot springs on the property inside the recollections out of their particular later mother and you can try stealing brief parts of dining to thrive. From the Mirai's consult, it absolutely was conformed the little girl is also sign-up her or him into the their travels. Tenten however in the future returned to the newest town.

Afterwards, it absolutely was revealed that Tenten are providing from inside the a study off forgotten girls throughout the Property of Hot water by enabling Kakashi and you can Man gather intel.

Naruto Shinden: Moms and dad and you may Kid Big date [ ]

Main posts: Naruto Shinden: Father or mother and Kid Day and Mother and you can Baby Big date Arc Mention : Throughout the anime, the situations of the arc exist after the Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc.

Naruto and Himawari Uzumaki reach Tenten's store assured out-of shopping for good Kurama doll. Tenten eagerly greets the duo but she is actually struggling to help them about your toy, but alternatively offered solution gift suggestions particularly a great makeshift kunai place and you will an effective necklace for Father or mother and Kid Go out and this Naruto concluded up to buy to aid their unique business following the Tenten's persuasive projects immediately following getting emotional at the thought off you can easily needing to intimate their unique shop due to the diminished conversion.

Instead of Momoshiki Arc [ ]

Chief posts: Boruto: Naruto the film and you can As opposed to Momoshiki Arch Regarding the comic strip, the fresh genin doing brand new Chunin Studies had to reach an excellent location part of some go out, so you can answer a truth otherwise untrue matter. Tenten are assigned having dwindling how many genin, using various traps and you will summoning puppets to do this. Afterwards, Tenten and you may Shino Aburame, prs, watching off an examining area since genin you will meet latvian women need to access for every single other people's flag. Shortly after watching Boruto Uzumaki's overall performance up against the About three Senka Brothers, she praises your.

Big date Slip Arch [ ]

Head post: Date Slip Arch Regarding the anime, when Urashiki Otsutsuki try watched in your community, Tenten registered several other Konoha-nin in looking for your. not, it turned into an effective diversion from the alien, which placed good genjutsu in it to allow him slip to your the latest community. Meanwhile, the grown-up Sasuke and you may Boruto was indeed delivered back in time so you're able to eventually just after Sasuke's defection. Indeed there, the two pretended are take a trip artisans and had been lay under observe because of the Naruto. When, past-Tenten along with her nearest and dearest helped Boruto and you may Naruto cleanup good bathhouse following the disturbance Naruto and Jiraiya brought about.

On anime, days afterwards, when you find yourself Himawari Uzumaki was out observing various other services on her behalf profession, she sees Tenten resting if you're on their unique weapon shop on account of insufficient conversion process.